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We got a Footprint Cast on our

Rose Creek Expedition Read the
story in 
our new
Expedition Page 
and Database.

See photos of the Print, Casting,and 
a Hair that DR got off the casting.

We're going back too.  Hear the story and our plans for the area.



I am founding a new research group in the Arizona area and you’re invited to join…  Feel free to invite any one you know that is also interested in these subjects to join.



The Name of this New Research Organization will be: The Arizona Cryptozoological Research Organization

, Our Website is now located at  The domain names; &, are now secure in our name.  To Acquire equipment will be our next goal along with the progress of the website…  We need to start to plan our first expeditions of 2015 so email if you would like to take part or if you have any ideas.  Spring Camping on the Rim! 


Who are We: Team of like-minded individuals dedicated to the discovery of information and data on specific paranormal activities in Arizona.



What are our Goals: Ultimately to prove the existence or non-existence of The Mogollon Monster, Giant Birds, & Giant Cats, through the accumulation of evidence and data specific to subject.



When will we Meet:  Specific dates and times as a team.  Also: Whenever time and weather permits and/or dictates on an informal basis.


Where is our range: Arizona’s Rim country, White Mountains, and Indian Lands when permitted.  Any other location that data collection might takes us.


How:  By physically doing hands on research and data collection, which may include Sound Recordings, Video Recordings, Actual collecting of materials, and Interviewing of potential witnesses. 

We will be heading up to the Rim early this spring.  We already have people scouting active areas.


The exact area is still to be determined.

Mark it on your calendar if you want to take part, start planning ahead.  You'll need to bring your own comforts from home.  What you don't have a Calendar, just another reason to join AZCRO:  Every member recieves a free Calendar, to go with free email, Free internet Voice communication, It's all part of your free AZCRO start page with your Free membership.


  Depending on how many people join in, the more area we can cover.  It should be a fun experience for all with the Rim Lakes near by.


  Some of the best reports are coming from right around the lakes? It should be very interesting to say the least.  Email for Info:


Above: Some recent 
Arizona Photos. The Big
Cat was hit by a vehicle North of Williams, AZ
Weight 250Lbs! 100lbs larger then most
Mountain Lions.  What
else is out there, for one another one of these Big Cats, this one was
sighted numerous times with another just as big!  


Our discussion on this
page is talking about Jaguars.  Below: Is that
what we're trying to
find?  A Puma Con-color 67% larger than AVG?  
What is the Jaguar was
to also grow to this extreme; 67% larger
than norm?  

Or are we after something more like this

The Yeti At Disney

Actually some reports
have MM looking very
much like this.

How about some 
neat websites
Watch the Movie; 
Here's a link to 
Susan Farnsworth & 
Mitch Waite's website. There's plenty of
free info here, but you can
also get her books and
others on the subject. 
Along with Equipment for
doing Research and Data collection.
You can hear a recording of what is
thought to be MM also.

I was on Coast To Coast AM With
George Noory
finally! Check the
June 17, 2013 Archives on the
Coast site if you are a Insider; If you are
not you should be!
BTW: Yes that was
Art Bell's Birthday.